How Make Your House Look Modern

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Modern house are very much in style, with a lot of people preferring it nowadays over homely looking houses. If you are planning on getting a house of your own, and want to take the same path, then maybe you can look at these simple tips with which you can make your house look like it came straight out of a magazine’s glossy pages.

The Colours
You can go two ways when picking colours, depending on what you perceive the term modern to mean. The first one is to go with a bright colour palette. Pick a couple of bold colours that contrast or complement each other, and use them to paint the walls that you want to highlight. If you decide to go this way, then remember to keep your walls completely bare and not hang anything on them, since this may end up making your house look more kitsch than modern. Your other option is to go completely opposite and have white, or monochromatic walls. These colours give a very futuristic look and makes the house much easier to furnish since it will be quite easy to find furniture to match. If you don’t like the extremes of white and black, then you can even paint your walls with a more subtle grey.

The Lighting
Lighting is very important for a modern house, with many architects building such houses in a way that allows a lot of natural light to come in. Having an entire glass wall will definitely make your house look exactly the way you want it to. When it comes to lighting it artificially, stay away from any form of rustic looking fixtures such as chandeliers. LED track lights can be hung from the ceiling if you do require overhead lighting. You can also invest in a designer floor lamp that will help you light up your house as well as be a bragging point for you.

The Artwork
Investing in artwork is a great way of complementing a modern house. Look for a few standout pieces that suits your house the best and don’t hesitate splurging a bit. You don’t need to buy more than one and you can use it as the centre piece to your living room. By having one such artwork hanging in an otherwise barely furnished room, you can be sure that it will steal the show. The artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting, or be made by a renowned artist. You can even look around for a striking sculpture from an up and coming artist in your area. If the rest of your house is furnished in a minimalistic fashion, then you can go ahead and get a bright piece without having to fear destroying the modern atmosphere that you have managed to create.