DIY Interior Home Decorating

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Our living spaces are closely intertwined with our moods and behavior. Even though people are away from home for most part of the day we all crave to retreat to our own space after a hard day’s work. Keeping your house clean and tidy may sometimes not be enough if you want to have something extra. More importantly this can be an opportunity for you to get in touch with your inner artist and get creative with your ideas.

Do painting

Splashing some paint on your walls or even applying a fresh coat of paint can be a good way of decorating on your own. Depending on your choice, walls can be creatively decorated with colors and designs.

If splashing on walls doesn’t suit your fancy and you prefer a more small scale job, then painting on canvas can do the trick. A wall hanging done by you can be a great piece of decoration that you can add to your home.

If you are used to painting on fabric, then painting on a cushion cover too can be used to decorate your living room or bedroom. For example if you are looking for a vintage look accessories, painting designs to make vintage cushion covers can be done. Similarly this can be done for any other theme you are into.

Sewing to do

If you are interested in digging up your mother’s sewing machine and try your luck, then you can do some pretty interesting creations for your home. Fabric can be bought from the store and sewed into many different things. For example if you have a vintage printed fabric, you can sew vintage cushion covers for your sofas. Also you can saw many fabrics and crate and applique to frame or use as a quilt. Visit this link for more information about the vintage cushion covers.

Arts and Crafts

Objects like vases and pots can be decorated in a design using beads and stones. Beads can be bought from the store and these can be attached onto vases.

Lamp shades can be decorated to give it a more colorful and fun look.

Doing a mini makeover

Changing your upholstery of the sofas and chairs at the local upholsters can give it a renewed look. New carpets and drapes can add a new look to your space.

Adding indoor plants and ferns give the house a more rustic and comfortable look.

Changing your setting

You can rearrange your furniture to also add to a new look and help in decorating your home the easy way. Getting rid of bulky furniture can give you more space. More space will give you a neater look overall.