Best Method To Recycle Planters

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If you are a fan of Pinterest or Facebook or some kind of social media website, you might have seen the fairy gardens inside pots and other wonderful and marvelous creations made out of broken items of the household. These are ingenious ways to reuse items and also a great way to bright up the house without seeming too artificial or ‘cement forest’-like. So here are some of the best trends of upcycling broken and used household goods and adding them into your garden as an added surplus of beauty.

Broken toys cum interior decor

If your kids are too grown up to make use of their old trucks and pick up toys of plastic  and you cannot find anyone to give them off to and they are too old for salvation army, then turn them into tiny mobile gardens (if the wheels are still working). You can add a bit of soil to the truck and pick up’s back and plant tiny herbs, cacti and small sized plants that do not have deep root systems and require a small surface area to thrive. Usually cacti are the best for these as they can survive pretty much on anything and would not care if you even forget to water. You can make a tiny mobile garden out of your kids or your old toys and keep on the dining table (since it does not take up too much space and just adds more into the creativity factor) or take it to your office to decorate your table without needing anything except a tiny bit of space.

Fairy garden out of broken planters

If you can do this technique on garden planter boxes the end result is extremely fancy but you can still do this wonderful creation on any regular clay pot and the result would still be eye catching. In order to make the fairy garden you would need one side of the pot intact and the other side completely exposed. The broken pieces of the open side can be used as steps or levels of the fairy garden. You would need to fill up the pot with fertilizer and a soil mixture and then gradually shape the garden layout. It is best to have an overall idea in your head before you start work on this.

As you go along you can add a tiny toy house (ceramic or clay ones are extremely good for the effects), or just go along with tiny gnomes and tiny fairies you can find in your attic to the broken large garden pots. If you do not want to add anything unnatural then just add an assortment of plants. You will need small plants for this along with some smooth colored stones (tiny spruces, cacti and herbs are perfect fits). Give your inner gardening guru to express himself or herself and go crazy with the upcycling. The mind can think up many things during lazy times.