Starting Out Your Own Lawn Care Business

If you are a student looking to find some extra cash on your own terms, or simply be blessed with green fingers, then you can always consider starting up your own lawn care service. It can be a hassle free job that requires you to rely on your own skills. Here are a few things you need to consider before you actually start to get your hands dirty.

Getting a License
You may need to obtain legal authorization for setting up your business, and may need to register for it. Make sure you understand the legal procedure behind setting up the business and that you meet all requirements stipulated by law. Assess Your Market. You will need to do a bit of research before you dive head first in to the business, to make sure that you will have sufficient demand for your services. Check the demographic within the area that you plan to provide your services in. You will get more business, if it consists of young adults as well as middle aged people, with high employment rates. This will ensure a busy neighbourhood that will not have time to mow their lawns on their own, and would be willing to pay for services from a professional.

Find Supplies
You will then need to get your supplies and your equipment ready. You can simply search online for local suppliers to get the best deals. For example by searching for turf supplies in Newcastle, you will get all the names and details of the shops that provide these, which will rid you of the necessity of having to physically go around and find supplies and equipment. Also remember to start off small when purchasing equipment, since your initial customer base may most probably be small.

Figure Out Your Rates
Check with similar lawn care services in similar neighbourhoods to see what the usual charges are for basic services provided. You will need to take in to account the return on your capital as well.

Market Yourself
Once you have your equipment ready, and your rates figured out, you will need to start advertising your business in the most effective manner. Get your friends and families to do word of mouth advertising for you. You can also place a few advertisements in local newspapers or hang a few fliers around town. For more info about buffalo grass Melbourne, visit

Prepare for All Seasons
While business may be thriving in the summer, a lawn care business will always face an extreme drop in business during winter. You can either find a part time job during that time, or you can offer versatility through your business, by providing snow shoveling facilities during the cold months.